Lost in translation

We know that we have a number of readers who translates our blog with Google translate. We sometimes do too, just to get a good laugh.

It seems that Google translate struggles with at least three issues; slang words, idiomatic expressions and games with words. And if we, mostly I, are a bit sloppy with spelling or grammar, then Google translate goes berserk.

The latest news about Muffin is that she is recovering. She is incredibly bored by having to stay indoors. The eye seems to be fine, although it’s a little bit swollen. The perpetrator is sleeping in the sofa by my side. He is not allowed near cats until he has proved that he can handle it.

House rules are strict. No barking indoors and no one is allowed to bite anyone else.

The picture shows Muffin helping out gardening, we hope to see her in the garden soon and pray that the next walkabout is at least a year ahead.

Now, I will translate this text to Swedish and se what comes out. Hope I get a good laugh.

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