2012 – I bid you adieu

haväng sept 2012

Overwhelmed by the recently arrived WordPress-stats, I have decided to write this epitaph of 2012 in English. Readers who read our blog through the ham fisted Google translation tool deserve a post that at least resembles English.

Why overwhelmed? Because we have readers from 69 countries around the globe. Outside Scandinavia, our readers come from English-speaking countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa, but also from both Western and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Why an epitaph? Looking back at 2012, that’s how I feel. At the beginning of 2012 I published a post called Welcome 2012. At the end of the post I expressed my wishes for 2012. I would like the MC to start and for all of us to be together. The former doesn’t matter, the latter that matters more than anything did not happen.

The good things that happened were mostly related to all of us being together, like on the photo above. We live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. A Friday afternoon in September we decided to take a walk along the beach with the dogs. As ever so often, the walk turned into one of those magic moments that we are so spoiled with and never can get enough of.

The stones are a stone-age megalith grave. The little red spot to the right is Tekla, to her left stands Tage. Anna took the picture of the dogs and me. This autumn, we prioritized Tekla instead of farm work. Her last autumn was fantastic in a dog’s life; we have no regrets and only fond memories.

We make our choices in our lives based on what we know in that moment. We have chosen to live in the countryside, with lower material standard and with high quality of life. 2012 has emphasized to me that nothing matters more to me than my loved ones, as if I already did not know that. Short of six weeks, we were all together in 2012 and I thank for that.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank for all the warm and loving messages we received when Tekla left us. People who never have met us have sent us comforting words. The post with my poem Requiem for a beloved friend was the all time high most read post. As many of you may have recognized, I based it on R.L. Stevenson’s Requiem.

Well, what about 2013?

During the last 12 years, life has thrown me around between extreme lows like the death of friends and family, stress full high status job and unemployment and extreme highs like when we managed to acquire Anne’s Hus and walks on the beach with Tage and Tekla. Anna thinks I should set my wishes low, like a new version of the Yak sweater reputedly known in the international knitting community as the sweater that fell off a husband’s body. The remains are hidden somewhere where Anna can’t find them, grab them and burn them.

And my own wishes? A big harvest of vegetables and to be with my loved ones.

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